MU General Secretary term extension – cancelled!

After 9 months of campaigning, the MU EC have cancelled their decision to allow an undemocratic extension to the term of office for the current General Secretary

There can be no doubt that the decision of the MU EC to cancel the extension they had granted to the General Secretary’s term of office is an admission that the extension would have been unlawful. We know this because the statement published by Dave Lee referred to legal advice which; if correct, would have permitted the General Secretary to remain in office for 10 years less a day from the date of the first election. It is nonsensical to suggest that the EC hold an election (something the General Secretary has referred to as “trouble and expense”) for the sake of gaining a single extra day?! You can read more initial thoughts about it here and the full history here.

What happens now?

When announcing the cancellation of the extension, Horace Trubridge used his access to all members to announce his candidacy for another five-year term of office. There’s a question mark over whether using his access to an all-member mailing list to campaign in a General Secretary election is a further breach of trade union legislation. Would other potential candidates would be afforded the same access? Clearly the answer is no, so this doesn’t really feel like fairplay. Now it’s up to the members to decide if they wish to see a continuation of the status quo at the top of the MU – something that feels somewhat like watching a slow motion car crash, or if they would prefer change.

Watch this space for more on the General Secretary election over the coming months.

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