Response to Naomi Pohl’s GS Election Address by Jim Fleeman

It is not a surprise that an election address should read as an exaggeration of a candidate’s attributes and suitability for what is, effectively, a political appointment. But the content of Naomi Pohl’s address was so far removed from the reality of her involvement in the Union that some redress needs to be given toContinue reading “Response to Naomi Pohl’s GS Election Address by Jim Fleeman”

Who Dares Wins by Stephen Brown

Who dares wins – let’s dare for better! It is my absolute and passionate belief that the next General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union must be: a musician must have a track record as an experienced committed trade union activist must be a trade union official who gets results having learned how to do thisContinue reading “Who Dares Wins by Stephen Brown”

Information on MU GS Election Nomination Meetings

MU Democracy Needs You! It is important for any MU members seeking change to attend their online Regional Nomination Meetings in order to select candidates for the upcoming MU General Secretary election. Due to Covid, in-person Regional Nomination Meetings have now been cancelled and moved online. It is vital that members attend in order toContinue reading “Information on MU GS Election Nomination Meetings”

Morris Stemp – New Year Thoughts

Morris Stemp: New Years Greetings – Candidate for MU General Secretary 2022 I just thought I’d take a moment or two out from family life to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  What a year – or two – it’s been. I dearly wish for everyone more than simply a return to ‘normality’, asContinue reading “Morris Stemp – New Year Thoughts”

Stephen Brown on Equalities

Let’s “Dare For Better” on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. Equality, diversity and inclusion, is a defining issue for all trade unions, including the MU, especially if we are to improve things not just for musicians but in wider society too.  In my latest video here: I talk about how we should be organised and structured asContinue reading “Stephen Brown on Equalities”

Seasonal Message from MU Gen Sec Candidate – Stephen Brown

SEASONAL MESSAGE FROM MU GEN SEC CANDIDATE – STEPHEN BROWN: First of all, it’s an important time of year for reflection, helping our fellow citizens, and positivity – so please find my Christmas message on YouTube:  I hope you enjoy it! Talking of reflection, I’ve been thinking about how my non music and non tradeContinue reading “Seasonal Message from MU Gen Sec Candidate – Stephen Brown”

MU GS Election Address from Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams for Musicians’ Union General Secretary Sarah Williams – Ambitious for Musicians I’m proud to introduce myself as the strongest candidate for General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union. With 25 years’ professional performing experience at the highest level – combined with unwavering union activism and committed local government leadership – I’m the only candidateContinue reading “MU GS Election Address from Sarah Williams”

MU GS Election Address from Morris Stemp

Morris StempCandidate for MU General Secretary in 2022 Election Address 5 years ago, Kathy Dyson stood to become your General Secretary in the main focusing on why the MU in her opinion needed to organise better rather than carry on simply being a body that provides services and insurance products. Some of these are ofContinue reading “MU GS Election Address from Morris Stemp”

More Thoughts on the MU/GS Campaign by Graham Sibley

Did you know, that Rishi Sunak is a massive Star Wars fan??  (Politicians are human beings after all, it seems!) When this emerged, at the height of the pandemic, a friend of mine responded to the chancellors tweet by suggesting that he might try watching the films-which were largely made in the U.K.-without sound, toContinue reading “More Thoughts on the MU/GS Campaign by Graham Sibley”

Support for Stephen Brown for GS

Five years ago no one could have imagined what the past 18 months would be like-In probably just the same way as no one could have imagined what life would have been like if the world stopped turning. Well, it did: Our world did indeed stop spinning on its axis, and the catastrophic damage andContinue reading “Support for Stephen Brown for GS”