MU General Secretary Election Addresses

Greetings Friends, I hope you’re well and in good spirits. Referring back to the previous post, this is the second MU GS election address, this time from current Deputy General Secretary Naomi Pohl. Do feel free to ask questions of the candidates and to get debates going on the blog. Dear MU members, I amContinue reading “MU General Secretary Election Addresses”

MU General Secretary Election 2022

Greetings friends, I hope you are well and in good spirits. As you may know, there is a MU General Secretary Election slated for early 2022. Currently, four candidates have thrown their hat into the ring and all of them are committed and longstanding officials of union: Keith Ames, Stephen Brown, Naomi Pohl and MorrisContinue reading “MU General Secretary Election 2022”

MU Coronavirus Response in Commercial Theatre by Jim Fleeman

Introduction When coronavirus forced theatres to close their doors in March 2020 it put the industry, like so many others, into confusion, panic and disarray. At the time it was recognised that the coronavirus was indiscriminate in its reach, and the challenge to industry leaders was in marrying concerns for their businesses with those ofContinue reading “MU Coronavirus Response in Commercial Theatre by Jim Fleeman”

The Road Ahead Is Not Easy

By Ben Lunn, Chair of Disabled Members Network, Musicians UnionChair of North Lanarkshire Trade Union Council Last week, an article was published which highlighted the strange predicament we in the Musician’s Union (MU) find ourselves in – a bleak and rather limp option. The ultimate conclusion is ‘things are not good; but it’s not likeContinue reading “The Road Ahead Is Not Easy”

For Change and A Renewed Radicalism

By Ben Lunn After 12 years of harsh austerity, attacks on trade unions, incompetence and other regressive attacks on our class; it is little surprise that during the pandemic unions like NEU, CWU, GMB, and BFAWU are witnessing not only a renewed energy and intake, but also are becoming increasingly militant in defence of theirContinue reading “For Change and A Renewed Radicalism”

European Touring – is this the end for UK Musicians?

By Gabriel Dyker, Violinist and former Player Chair CBSO As more parts of the Brexit deal emerge more fundamental problems are coming to light for many industries. Perhaps the biggest for musicians is the question of European touring, a cultural highlight, financial gain, crucial visibility for ourselves and the areas we represent, and an important exportContinue reading “European Touring – is this the end for UK Musicians?”

Unsafe at work – an outlier among unions

Since the start of the pandemic, the MU has stood out from other trade unions on a number of occasions through repeatedly calling for members to be allowed to get back to work. On the surface of it, this is a difficult position to argue with given how many members have fallen through the cracksContinue reading “Unsafe at work – an outlier among unions”

Johnson’s Brexit Deal Car Crash Threatens The Livelihood Of Musicians

By Roberta Noonan Over the Christmas break, we are seeing the slow car crash unfold that is Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. From Johnson’s triumphalism at his so called last minute deal ‘success’, it is now clear the weaknesses are emerging as experts unpick it. For musicians, the problems are all too clear. There is noContinue reading “Johnson’s Brexit Deal Car Crash Threatens The Livelihood Of Musicians”