What is MU Members for Change?

The strapline for MU Members for Change is:

MU Members For Change is a broad and diverse coalition of members within the Musicians’ Union. It exists to facilitate communication between members; to aid the delivery of member voice to the Executive Committee; and to promote democracy within the Musicians’ Union.

What exactly does that mean in practice?

∙Broad and Diverse: The group consists of members from all six regions within the MU as well as all six sections.

∙Coalition of members: MU Members for Change exists entirely as a communication network of members with no involvement from MU Officials. We aim to connect members across the MU’s different sections and regions.

∙Facilitating communication: For many members of the MU, it can be difficult to organise ourselves outside of structured committee membership. Apart from the anxiety some may feel about raising their head above the parapet, many musicians simply work alone so don’t have access to large groups of colleagues. MU members for change BCC forwards discussion points around the readership so that colleagues can contribute their thoughts anonymously.

∙Aid the delivery of member voice to the Executive Committee: MU Members for Change forwards proposed motions throughout the group and gathers together the support so that motions can be submitted for consideration by the EC more easily.

∙ Promoting democracy within the MU: The principle valued most highly by MU Members for Change is democracy. In practice this means working towards holding more ballots of the membership prior to the union taking major decisions, finding ways to increase turnout at ballots, increasing accountability of the leadership of the union, and cultivating attitudes within the union where diverse and dissenting voices are nurtured and developed.

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