Support for Stephen Brown for GS

Five years ago no one could have imagined what the past 18 months would be like-In probably just the same way as no one could have imagined what life would have been like if the world stopped turning.

Well, it did: Our world did indeed stop spinning on its axis, and the catastrophic damage and trauma inflicted are still being keenly felt by all of us.
But why state the obvious?

Because the obvious is that things will not be the same for a long while-if ever-and for those who experienced the convulsions of emotional, mental & financial upheaval without much in the way of support-they will never forget either.

What is clear is that to face the inevitable challenges, the previous ways we have done things will have to change. For too many employers-be they casual or long term-the pandemic represents for them yet another opportunity to squeeze musicians rights, conditions and pay.

Like never before, we will need a strong MU and we will need a leader versed in the experiences and difficulties that we all as musicians face.

We will need a leader, who through their integrity and belief in empowering our membership through our democratic institution, will listen to us and defend our jobs, conditions and rights.

We will need a leader who is musician, who knows from first hand experience what it is like for us trying to carve out a living in our profession in this new and harsher environment.

We need a leader who is a trade unionist and knows how unions work-and how they work best for their membership-and has a plan to do so.

But ultimately, we need a leader who has the belief that we,as members, ARE the MU and that, by giving us all a voice, we will be both collectively stronger and better placed to weather both the current and future storms.

I know Stephen Brown, and believe he is all of these things and more.
A tireless activist for musicians rights and a dynamic force in the Midlands MU; I have seen him in action defending musicians of all fields in my capacity as a member of the Midlands Regional Comittee; as a former CBSO steward and as an orchestral musician.

I have seen and worked with many musicians who owe their livelihoods and conditions to Stephen’s skills as a negotiator-rooted as they are in a long career as a trade-unionist.
I have seen the respect he has earned on both sides of these negotiations…..
As successful musician and songwriter, I know he experiences the performing world that so many of us do.

I believe that a vote for Stephen is a vote for progressive, positive change: A strong collective & democratic union and a strong defence of our way of life.

Graham Sibley

Published by MU Members for Change

MU Members For Change is a broad and diverse coalition of members within the Musicians’ Union. It exists to facilitate communication between members; to aid the delivery of member voice to the Executive Committee; and to promote democracy within the Musicians’ Union. Enquiries should be sent to:

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